Mar 23, 2007

Charity Auction for Breast Cancer on Ebay

eBay Charity Auction
First of its kind.
There is a very special charity auction right now on eBay. Approximately 25 eBay store sellers from across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, including yours truly, have donated to this mystery box auction with 100% of the proceeds going to a Breast Cancer charity. The auction item number is 170094237548. You may look it up by entering the number into any eBay search box. While I am not listed as the seller, you will see Maggie's Handcraft Studio listed as one of the donor stores.
Even if you cannot or do not wish to bid on this auction, please add it to your auction watch. Adding it to your Auction Watch will increase the probability of making eBay's Pulse, which causes more people to look at and bid on this item for charity.

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