Friday, March 07, 2014

On The Needles Friday March 7, 2014

I seem to be in a sock knitting frenzy! I am part of a group on Ravelry with plans to knit our way through Stephanie van der Linden's new book Op Art Socks. To accomplish this, we will be starting a new pair each month, and we have 2 months to complete each pair.  That leaves a bit of overlap, and leads to multiple socks on the needles even if one isn't a magpie who must cast on all the shiny socks!

So the Feb/March sock from the book is Necker which I am knitting in a fabulous blue/grey colorway called Atlantic from Tanis Fiber Arts.  I got this yarn as a prize in a previous knitalong, but it was so nice to work with that once I cast on these socks, I pretty much immediately ordered the same yarn in two additional colors.

Then I got an email from The Loopy Ewe with a new challenge.  I just had to jump on that bandwagon.  The challenge was to knit with a multicolored yarn.  I ordered some Colinette Jitterbug in the Sweet Dreams colorway, and cast on Gaudete, which is another pattern by Stephanie van der Linden (not in the Op Art book though.)  The construction on these socks is not like any other I have ever knit...

I am actually much further along on both of these socks, but don't have newer photos.

A couple of days ago, I received my Celtic Swan dpns that I got in a swap- I knit socks, Molly sent me needles.  I got the US size 1 bronze dpns.  They are truly beautiful needles, but I was worried that they might be too heavy.  I am a loose knitter, and metal needles often fall out of my work. These are made with some lovely texturing towards the center of each needle, and that works wonders for helping the needles grip the stitches. They still slide smoothly along when you need them to, but the needles do not fall out of the work.  Even in those first few rows that are always touch and go with socks on dpns!  I am loving working with these needles, but I think they will be my at home project, because I don't want to chance losing one!

Anyway, I cast on the Op Art sock for March/April to try out my needles- Herrmann.  This is a cool colorwork sock, with a braid on the cuff.  I am really enjoying it so far, in fact it was hard to put it down for other things with pending deadlines, but I will.

I am happy to report that I did finish my coat for Fearless February- I just need to get a photo shoot done.  It is so hard to get a good weather day and a good hair day to happen on the same day!  Anyway, Fearless February has been extended through March, so I might get brave and tackle trousers.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fearless February Sewalong

First, I wanted to show off the Acorn Trail cardigan I finished this week for my good friend Ruth:

And here's the back:

Ok, on to my intended topic.  I decided some time back to join in on the Fearless February Sewalong  over at the Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing blog.  The point of the sewalong is to take on a project/process that you have been avoiding because of fear.  The guidelines really hit home for me, because I have been planning to make a coat, yet doing everything I could think of to avoid working on it.

So I made a practice version out of muslin fabric to test the multitude of changes I need to make to the pattern.  The sleeves took 3 tries.

  Finally I was ready to cut the real coat fabric! But I was scared again.  I got the kick in the butt I needed when Ruth and I went to buy sweater buttons, and I found the perfect buttons to use on my coat.  They were not cheap buttons, so now I really feel like I cannot let this project languish.

Today I spent my snowy afternoon cutting out my coat and transferring the markings using tailor tacks.

Tomorrow, the sewing begins!

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Friday, January 31, 2014

On the Needles Friday January 31, 2014

I made progress on my Acorn Trail Cardigan for Ruth.  I am on the last piece- the left front.
Then I have a ton of ends to weave in and I will wash all the pieces and sew them together and then add the button bands.  The pieces shrink in length only when they are washed, so I think this plan will work.

I knit a hat for Hats for Sailors.  We are doing monthly knitalongs this year, and all knitting the same pattern that month.  January's hat was Graham.

Also lots of progress on my Fibonacci socks.  I feel like my colorwork improves with each row, and I actually can knit it two handed now.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Honey

We adopted a kitty last Saturday!  Here is her photo from the rescue website:

Her name is Honey, and she is 2 years old.  She is super shy.  So shy in fact that she has been hiding since Saturday.  I was told to put her in one room, but I guess I did not realize that the first time I opened the box was my one chance!  Anyway, we could see her in her first hiding spot under a bench in the dining room until Sunday when we went out for a bit.  Then last night my husband found her hiding in the Christmas decorations.  When he tried to get her, she bolted, and then hid on a shelf with some tools, but she could not be reached.  Now she has another hiding spot that we have not found yet. I wish she would come out and let us love her.

It is snowing today:

This photo was taken a few hours ago.  It has been snowing steadily since then, and is supposed to snow most of the night.

I have been working on a muslin for a new coat.  I have the body pretty much ok, and now I have to work on the sleeve.  This is usually were I go wrong, so wish me luck!

Friday, January 17, 2014

On the Needles Friday Jan 17, 2014

I finished the right front of corn Trail the other day.  Now I just need one more sleeve and the left front.

I also finished the first sock of my Fibonaccis.  This sock is a little tight, I think because of my puckering issues.  I have cast on sock 2, and I feel like that one is a little looser.  I wonder if I will end up knitting 3 socks to get 2 good ones.  I will block sock 1 before I declare it a failure.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ironing Board Upgrade

I do not have a sewing room, so I sew in a corner of the bedroom and my ironing board is the kind that hangs over a door, and it is in the bathroom.  This works ok for me, at some point I will probably get a sewing room again.  Anyway, I have to buy special covers for my ironing board, that have grommets that go over little pegs and hold the cover in place.  The available covers are usually quite thin, and for years anything I iron would show the impression of the metal grid that makes up the ironing board.

Today I recovered one of my old covers- I added a layer of regular batting, a layer of Insul-brite and then some quilting cotton.

I basted the layers of batting onto the old cover, in order to preserve the grommets.  Then I layered the cotton, turned under an edge and whip stitched the fabric along the elastic of the old cover.

Hopefully this new cover will be great to use!

Friday, January 10, 2014

On the Needles Friday January 10, 2014

This week I finished the sleeve on my Acorn Trail, and cast on the right front.  If I can finish the front in a week or less, I should almost be able to finish this sweater in January.  Because of the deep purple in combination with cables and an eye problem I am having, I only work on this in daylight.

So my evening knitting this week has been the Fibonacci socks from Op Art Socks.  After watching me repeatedly untwist my yarns, my son said "there must be a better way".  Well, there is, and I knew it- I needed to knit with one yarn in each hand.  Last time I tried it, on some stranded mittens, one hand was so tight the color disappeared! Anyway, I tried it again and it seems to be going better.  By the time I do all the colorwork in this book I will be more than ready to take on my dream fair isle sweater!

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