Apr 20, 2007

Hope for the Hokies

My heart is broken. The recent shootings at Virginia Tech have left me reeling. My husband and I are Virginia Tech alumni and we were recently there to take our eldest son on the tour. Now suddenly the world feels like a totally different place. Maybe I am the last person in the world to realize that nowhere is safe. But somehow in my mind Blacksburg was a relatively safe place. Back when the sniper was here in the DC area scaring the crap out of everyone, we went to a Tech football game, and our kids, who had been in lockdown at school for a month, were running across beautiful open fields with wreckless abandon. I'll remember that day forever.
On Monday, people just went to work or class like always, and suddenly they were being gunned down. My mind and my heart do not know what to do with that fact. But I will also remember that day forever. With each victim picture I see, my heart breaks for their families.
I have been glued to the tv since MOnday. I think that just makes it all worse. Today I went visiting and it did me a world of good. I met people and chatted. I managed to discuss the shootings without bawling, which is a vast improvement. At noon, we stood out in the yard and listened to the church bells. Then we stood in a neighbors garden in the sunshine and talked about the shootings, but also about a cafe grand opening and a 12 year old's Spring dance. So life is going on for the rest of us. Maybe not the same life we invisioned on Monday morning when we got up. Undoubtedly this is true for those more directly affected. OMG I can't even think how I would go on in their circumstances! But I know they will.
Maybe tomorrow I will have the heart to craft again...

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