Apr 29, 2008

It Was Bound to Happen

I'm 46, which I can remember at one point in my life thinking was really old. But I then the more years went by, the younger 46 started to sound. I only occasionally feel old, like when I look at other moms from my kids classes and think they must be siblings, or when I get creaky joints.

A few weeks ago I had the rude awakening of needing to get reading glasses. I knew my old glasses for driving needed to be updated, so I went to the optometrist. This time there was no denying it- when she showed me how clear my vision could be with reading glasses, I really had to get some. Not only did I get reading glasses, I got the little no rim on top granny reading glasses, so I could look at the computer or stuff across the room over the top.

I'll have to claim one of the eyeglass chains from my inventory now that I need to wear 2 different pairs!

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