Jul 6, 2008

Fiber Art Explorations 2

I continued in my quest to try out as many fiber art techniques as I can find. I am sort of using one at a time, and as I get more secure, I will start mixing it up a bit.
First, I fused some cool Angelina fiber to itself, then put the resulting sheet of weblike fibers on top of some mistyfuse and fused again. All this was accomplished with my trusty iron, between 2 sheets of parchment. The result was a sheet of angelina that can be cut and fused like any applique. I cut mine into random strips and fused it onto some green mottled fabric.
The next technique I tried was painted fusible web! I just took a sheet of fusible web, and painted it with some red craft acrylic paint. After it dried, I used a shape cutter I have for scrapbooking, and cut the web, some circles, hexagons and the letters to spell peace. then I laid out the web onto some black and white print fabric, and ironed it between two sheets of parchment. I think the results look really great, and I plan to paint up some more web and try to overlap some different colors!

Then I did a transfer of a picture to fabric using Golden Matte Gel Medium. I printed a picture onto the rough side of a transparency using my inkjet printer. Then you take the fabric of choice, in my case a batik, and paint the medium onto the fabric. Then lay the picture transparency on the medium and burnish. I loved this and hope it always goes as well as my first attempt went!

Also, this week I joined the Stitchin Fingers community on Ning, and there I found a group doing TAST or Take a Stitch Tuesday, where you explore a new embroidery stitch each Tuesday. I was late joining in, so I did 4 stitches last week- Herringbone, buttonhole, detached chain and cretan. After practicing on a sampler, I used some of the stitches in these Dottee dolls I was working on for a FAT trade.

Tonight I made these paper beads:

I have wanted to make paper beads for so long! These are from the colorful pages of a Hancocks of Paducah fabric catalog. They send me a catalog with each order, so I want to put them to good use!
On Saturday, a friend and I went to a place in ALexandria, VA called the Torpedo Factory art Center, which is full of studios with the artists working and displaying their work. It was so inspirational. Too bad I have to do garment sewing this week, but my mom and I both need new robes, so that is what I will be making.

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