Jun 23, 2009

Chickadee Friends Studio

A longtime friend and I have been for many months now inspiring each other to stretch our creative wings in the fiber arts. Her name is Karen Campbell, and she is quite a wonderful quilter. Karen and I used to work together - her degree is in Cell Biology, mine in Biochemistry. She taught me a lot of what I know about the world of quilting.

Karen and I like to share inspirations- walks in nature, art shows and galleries, interesting color combinations. At some point recently, I invited Karen to join my business, and we created Chickadee Friends Studio to represent our fiber art endeavors. It seems like maybe the way we will work best will be that often one of us will start something, and then pass it on to the other. I already have a ton of pieced blocks that Karen put together that I will incorporate into my own work. I am working on a section of my Maggie's Handcraft Studio site that will showcase the Chickadee Friends stuff, but so far most of our stock in for sale at The Shops at Fabian House.

For example, I took this dog themed quilt to the shop last week. Karen made the quilt and I made a copper wire hanger for it.

The Windows and Doors quilt pictured below (and made by Karen) will go into the shop tomorrow. This quilt has some great surface thread embellishments, which do not show up very well in the photo. I definitely have to work on my quilt photography!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sounds like a great plan! Lovely pieces :)