Jul 11, 2010

Day in the life-The Summer Edition

This week my younger son started football conditioning camp, so I started my driving routine. The trip back and forth to the school is very long, and for things that are less than a full day over there, I tend to try to find somewhere else to go. Last summer I hung out at a local Starbucks until the library opened, then went to the library and used the internet access there,

Since then I found a Panera, which although it is a bit farther away from the school, is larger and more convenient. At the Starbucks I had to keep feeding a meter, and it was often hard to park at the library if there were popular children's events going on.

So last week, I spent 2 days in the Panera. The first day, I took some photos to document my day. I had a lovely cup of light roast coffee and a toasted sesame seed bagel for breakfast. While I ate, I read the paper I had picked up in my yard on the way to the car that morning, and a pile of mail I had dropped into my knitting bag.

I surfed the internet on my Ipod touch. Partway through that experience, I sent my wonderful husband a message complaining about my old eyes trying to read stuff on that little screen. To remedy that, we went out on Friday night and bought a little netbook, which I am typing on at this moment! It is so light, and I can drop it down in the bag with my knitting, and still am able to manage carrying all my stuff plus buy my breakfast. When your office is a Panera, portability is vastly important. I love my regular laptop, but it is big. Big is good when you do a lot of website work and photo editing, not so much when you are trying to dig the money out of the bottom of your purse to pay the clerk for your bagel!

Then I pulled my knitting out of the bag, and worked on my Jaywalker socks. I finished sock 1, and to avoid being accused of having second sock syndrome (a common malady among knitters, where after the first of a pair is done, the thrill is gone and you never make the mate.) I cast on and started knitting the ribbing for sock 2.

I spent a good bit of time sitting outside the school, because things never seem to end when you expect them to. Also, the boy had summer band that evening, and that only lasts a little over an hour, so I sit and wait for him there.

Traffic was so bad that day that I was going slow enough to pull out my camera and take a photo as we went. Normally I would not do this, but I could have walked faster than we were moving! I also snapped a photo of my sleeping teenager, and he was not amused.

I can see where if the weather was not a steamy 100 degrees, I might like to visit some local landmarks, and I will most definitely pay another visit to a nice local yarn store I found, but for the time being I am enjoying my new office. I even met a friend there on Friday and plan to do it again this week!

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