Jul 26, 2011

It's Like it was Another Lifetime Ago

pinwheel quilt 072611 by magscrafts
pinwheel quilt 072611, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.
Recently, we have been working on a huge home cleanout. Some of this was sparked by the fact that our family was cleaning out my mom's condo to sell, so to bring some of her stuff home, some other things had to go. Then of course there are some redecorating plans.

So my husband calls to say let's go eat out, and get some paint samples for the bedroom. I had a vision of the bedroom that involves a blue that matches a quilt I had started long ago. I was not even sure I wanted the quilt anymore, but still wanted the color palette. I went digging in the sewing bins in the basement to find the fabrics. Once I found them, I was amazed! I had finished 25 blocks! How had I gotten so far, yet never finished??? I think the reason I did not finish it was because I had used all my main fabric, but did not have enough blocks to make it the size for a queen sized bedspread like I had originally planned.
I recently bought a new white textured bedspread, so this quilt would just be more folded on the end of the bed and pulled up in the winter for extra warmth. I am sure to the quilter's among you the fabric and the pattern are quite dated, but I still love them, so I am going for it!!
This whole cleanup process is a bit like an out of body experience. We look through shelves of books or long hidden boxes and wonder who was this person that bought this or put it in this box? I know that these quilt blocks were started in a class, but I have absolutely no recollection of being in this class, how long ago it was, or even where I took the class. It's like it was all another lifetime ago...


Carolyn said...

Let's see, Stack and Whack quilts were popular when I was working at a quilt shop which was about 8 years ago, maybe? It will be beautiful, can't wait to see it done!

Floy Height said...

Too funny, Maggie! I find whole decades of my life and memories missing now. I often find things I have no recollection of getting. Or argue with one of my kids about some incident that happened when they were children that they remember completely differently. I used to be sure I was right, but now I'm not so sure. Too many thoughts, facts, impressions, dreams, distractions mixed in with the memories and intentions. I have a closet full of former passions abandoned half finished as well, waiting til I have "time".

me, Mavis said...

How lucky that you came across this treasure when your fingers are still willing to release the knitting needles and move over to the sewing machine. The finished product will be amazing; I can't wait to see it.