Jul 20, 2011

Welcome to My Office!

07-19-11_1047.jpg by magscrafts
07-19-11_1047.jpg, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.

This is the third summer my boy Matt has been doing football conditioning camp at his school. Camp is just long enough that it makes no sense for me to trek all the way home. Summer #1 I would go to Starbucks or a park until the local library opened and I could go use their internet. Summer #2, I discovered the joy of hanging out at Panera and using their internet. Well, this summer, evidently the rest of the people in PG county also discovered that Panera, as it is full to the gills most days. So, armed with my trusty notebook computer outfitted with a mobile broadband, I have been hanging out in the shade at Allen Pond Park. This is a great park, with a large pond, shaded picnic tables, clean restrooms. What more could a person need?

Yesterday, as I was knitting away happily on a lovely purple sock, I got some wildlife visitors. First, there was the friendly squirrel that I was convinced was going to forage through my purse. There were also a bunch of little birds, bathing in the sandy area around the picnic tables. I love watching the birdies roll around in the sand. Next, a couple of fuzzy visitors dropped down from the trees:

Two of these white fluffy caterpillars with brown faces and big brown spikes joined me. The smaller of them even sat on my knitting pattern for about 40 minutes before he went on his way.

I wanted to also take a photo of the giant army of ants marching up the bathroom wall, but there was someone else in the bathroom and I figured she would not be thrilled to hear me snapping pictures in there.

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