Oct 31, 2012

Log Cabin Happiness

log cabin by magscrafts
log cabin, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.
I have not done any sewing just for the joy of it in at least a year. I follow other quilter's blogs, and get inspired by their pattern and color choices. Then I think "I don't have time to work on something like that right now" or "I have so much organizing to do before I can sew."

I saw WIP Wednesday over on Freshly Pieced, and decided it would do my soul good to join in. I needed something not too fussy that I could work on in little snippets of time. I thought of some precut strip packs I had, and decided to make some log cabin blocks. I am not sure I ever made any plain old log cabin blocks before.

Since I was using precut strips, I did not get out the rotary cutter, and in fact I could not even find my sewing scissors, but I was not letting that stop me. I only sewed for about 40 minutes, but I really enjoyed myself. I forgot how smoothly my new iron glides across the fabric.

I am not sure how I will end up using these, or if I should add more logs or make more blocks next time I sew. I am sure it was just what I needed to do today.


Carolyn said...

They'd make a cute little table topper if you decide to stop there!

Christine said...

I love the autumnal feeling of those fabrics. Log Cabins are some of my favorite blocks, too, because they are so easy to sew and make so many different interesting patterns.

me, Mavis said...

Log Cabin is something I have always wanted to try. Your block is very pretty!

Maggie said...

Do it!It made me so happy yesterday.

Adrianne said...

This looks like a fun little project. I often had that feeling of not having time or needing to get organised or all chores done before sewing. If you can put those thoughts aside, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in 20 or 30 minutes if you just sit down and do it. Sounds like you're on track :-)