Oct 12, 2012

On the Needles Friday Oct 12

Today is I Love Yarn Day!  Who knew such a day even existed?  I didn't that is for sure.  I definitely love yarn, maybe too much, but I guess there are worse problems to have.

This post is part of On the Needles Friday over on Patchwork Times. Over the weekend I cast on a new sweater, Lace Panel Cardigan.  It is from a new book from Cabin Fever, called Need a Plus Cardigan?  The book is really more like a recipe, you choose different options to create your own custom sweater.  It is knit from the top down.

My photo does not show it, but the pink is a bit deeper than the pink in my other recent pink sweater.


Laurie said...

Lovely, I WILL knit a sweater someday but for now I'm sticking to small projects.

Dar said...

Very pretty. Looking at all these wonderful knitted projects, makes me want to get my knitting out again.

me, Mavis said...

Every day is I LOVE YARN day! That new project is very interesting. I will look forward to updates.