Nov 4, 2012

Art Mojo

Last week, as I wrote on Wednesday, I worked on quilting for the first time in a really long time.  That made me realize how much my inner artist needs to get out more. I have been mostly knitting for the past year or more, and while I do love knitting, it does not fulfill all my artistic needs.  I mean, I know a log cabin block is not exactly high art, but it made me so happy to work with prints and colors of fabric.

After I did a little more quilting last night, I started to tackle the mess on my sewing desk (which is actually the built in vanity in my bedroom).  Under a pile of fabric, I found some fiber art books and now I am itching to play with some of that stuff.

You might remember I posted a couple of weeks ago about this bag:

The bag was knit with 100% wool yarn, then felted in my washing machine.  The original pattern called  for embroidering a few leaves,but I decided I wanted to needle felt some fall colored leaves on there. The leaves are cut out of some wool prefelt we got at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I need to get out my Embellisher in the next day or so and work on this, because I have a deadline to bring it to show and tell at a craft party on Sunday.

One of the books I found under the heap was about fabric art journals.  I really want to do some kind of art journaling.  I bought a rolodex at some point to do art journaling in, I wonder if that plan is a good one.  I am thinking it might be a good format, because it involves very small pieces, and you build it as you go so no need to decide when it's "done".

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