Dec 2, 2012

An Advent Calendar for Knitters

Last night, heaven help me, I cast on another knitting project.  The past 2 Decembers, I have seen people on Ravelry post about an Advent calendar scarf, where every day a new lace motif is published online.  I have wanted to do this so much, but didn't want to make myself crazy with deadlines.

So last night I decided I would start the scarf, and if I fall behind, I am ok with that.  I am knitting it in some nice green light fingering weight wool that I got from a dear lady's stash as she was downsizing to move to assisted living.  The pattern includes some beading as well.

The group on Ravelry has a map set up online where we can see all of the people around the world knitting the same scarf. That is really cool to see.

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