Apr 27, 2013

It's Saturday, and it's Random

This week with my redhead has been a little hectic- this was his week to go to prom, and he also started seeing a chiropractor this week.  That left me a little busy and I did not post my on the needles Friday or WIP Wednesday posts, but I will show you now some of what I have been working on.

I worked on the piecing of the top of my pillow for the Honeycomb Stitchalong.  I finished the top this evening, now on to the back!  (Sorry no photo yet of the top, maybe next time!)

I finished my Chrysanthemum mittens I showed you last week:

I also finished sock #1 of my pair of Cookie A Monkeys and I am on the toe decreases for sock #1 of the pooling sock challenge (or the nonpooling sock challenge in my case.)  The pooling socks are my car knitting at the moment, because the pattern does not require concentration.

Then tonight, as part of my wardrobe project, I drafted the back of a shirt pattern.  I will draft the front body piece next, then make a sample up in muslin to see how the fit is before I tackle the sleeves.

I made a skirt last week, which I need to wear one day this week as a test run before I stray too far from home in it.  Don't want a wardrobe malfunction on a test garment on the other side of the state or something!  The day I wear it, I'll work out how to take photos of myself using the tripod and a timer on the camera.

Hooking up with Patchwork Times for ON the Needles Friday, better late than never!


Judy S. said...

Love your mittens! Got that pattern
somewhere and you've inspired me to find it. Thanks!

straythreads said...

the mittens are beautiful love the flower on the thumb wonderful little detail!!