Aug 16, 2013

The Big Finish

Woohoo! I finished Matt's college quilt, and even made him 2 coordinating pillowcases!

I am super thrilled, and hope the quilt makes him feel hugged when he is far from home.

Today is Friday, so I have some on the needles friday business to take care of:

I am about 10 rows (very long rows!) from the end of my River Walk shawl:

I am enjoying this knit, but my hands are hurting a little from this knitting with a deadline thing...

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for on the needle friday!


straythreads said...

Beautiful quilt! I tell my kids there's a hug for every stitch
beautiful knitting too.

Carolyn said...

Maggie, the quilt turned out gorgeous! The shawl is pretty too...I'm knitting a Milk Run shawl, those rows do get long!

Susan Owenby said...

Wow! It is so bold, I love it!

Mary said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Love the lace pattern in your shawl.

Nancy said...

Matt's quilt is beautiful. I scrolled through some previous posts where you showed the fabrics. Nice choices!