Oct 14, 2013

The Button Saga

The alternate title for this post was "Why I Hate JoAnn's Reason #123".  I changed my mind because there was a happy ending.  But anyway, the story starts in JoAnn's.  I needed buttons for my completed cardigan sweater.  I needed 9, so that was the first problem with JoAnn's- there were hardly any button designs that they had 9 of.  Twenty minutes later I had finally chosen, so I went to go pay.  There was one cashier working, and it was her 3rd day ever working at JoAnn's.  She was stuck and no one was answering her repeated calls for help. Finally a manager came to help, and the line started to move.  Then it was my turn, my five cards of buttons totalled 13 bucks or so.  They scanned my coupon, for 50%  off of notions.  Well, evidently JoAnn's does not consider buttons notions!  That was just the last straw! "Never mind, I don't want them..."

As I was driving away I thought "You idiot! Now what are you going to do?"  I remembered G Street Fabrics and decided to go there.  Let me tell you people- button heaven!

This is not even half of the buttons they had!

Here are the buttons I ended up with.  There is one employee at G Street who stays in the button room (they have trims in there too) all the time, and she was so helpful.  It turned out they were having a sale, plus another customer gave me a coupon.   So I got these buttons, plus some back up bigger buttons.  My total?  Just over 13 bucks!  Buh bye JoAnn's!

Actually, I want to love JoAnn's so I maintain my supplier of last minute zippers and threads.  They make it so hard sometimes.

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weaverpat said...

Maggie, you don't know how many times I go to Joann's and come away with nothing but a headache, vowing NEVER to go back there. Mostly for the same reasons you just mentioned. Their button situation is a farce!
Have only been to G Street once (too far away) but WOW! it's amazing!

Love the buttons and the sweater!