Dec 31, 2013

SWAP 2014

I am joining in over on the Stitcher's Guild Sewing forum in the annual SWAP, which stands for sewing with a plan.  There are guidelines set out every year, and this year we are to make 3 3-piece capsules of sorts (I will do pants or skirt plus top plus jacket/cardigan/overshirt.) Then there are to be 2 wild cards.  I was thinking I would make a decent winter coat and a dress.

Here is my planning board:

I have included a number of new to me patterns that still need fitting, so I might have to be flexible and sew doubles of a pattern if it seems like I won't have time for all of the fitting.  My color scheme is black/grey/white with splashes of red.  I was thinking of this shawl:

I really need wardrobe basics, so I think this color plan  will work well for me, and I can fill in with more colors later.

SO the starting date was the day after Christmas, and today I sewed for hour on a purse, which will go with my SWAP items, but do not count for the contest!

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Shawn said...

I like the way you've organized this. I love that you've got an 'inspiration piece' to kick it all off. I need to think about something similar.