Jan 21, 2014

A Little Honey

We adopted a kitty last Saturday!  Here is her photo from the rescue website:

Her name is Honey, and she is 2 years old.  She is super shy.  So shy in fact that she has been hiding since Saturday.  I was told to put her in one room, but I guess I did not realize that the first time I opened the box was my one chance!  Anyway, we could see her in her first hiding spot under a bench in the dining room until Sunday when we went out for a bit.  Then last night my husband found her hiding in the Christmas decorations.  When he tried to get her, she bolted, and then hid on a shelf with some tools, but she could not be reached.  Now she has another hiding spot that we have not found yet. I wish she would come out and let us love her.

It is snowing today:

This photo was taken a few hours ago.  It has been snowing steadily since then, and is supposed to snow most of the night.

I have been working on a muslin for a new coat.  I have the body pretty much ok, and now I have to work on the sleeve.  This is usually were I go wrong, so wish me luck!

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