Jan 15, 2014

Ironing Board Upgrade

I do not have a sewing room, so I sew in a corner of the bedroom and my ironing board is the kind that hangs over a door, and it is in the bathroom.  This works ok for me, at some point I will probably get a sewing room again.  Anyway, I have to buy special covers for my ironing board, that have grommets that go over little pegs and hold the cover in place.  The available covers are usually quite thin, and for years anything I iron would show the impression of the metal grid that makes up the ironing board.

Today I recovered one of my old covers- I added a layer of regular batting, a layer of Insul-brite and then some quilting cotton.

I basted the layers of batting onto the old cover, in order to preserve the grommets.  Then I layered the cotton, turned under an edge and whip stitched the fabric along the elastic of the old cover.

Hopefully this new cover will be great to use!

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