Sep 9, 2014

I Do Still Sew, Honest!

I have done a lot of sewing this year, but I flipped back through my posts and find that I do not do much sewing blogging.  I think my issue is totally the photography.  I do not have a sewing room, but sew in my bedroom.  As you can imagine that leads to a good amount of clutter.  Then since I don't have a mannequin, finished object photos mean me modeling, and most days my mental health is just not ready for that.

Last week I took this bundle I won at Sew Expo in Baltimore some time back:


and sewed the strips into sets of 3 and laid out this rail fence quilt for Project Linus.  (The lovely model in the photo above is my grandcat Stella.)


This Saturday is the first home game for JMU football.  We have season tickets so we can see our son play in the marching band (which let me tell you produces way less stress than we had watching him play football!)  I had bought a JMU tshirt, but I was not happy with the fit, so:




I slit the tshirt from top to bottom under the arm.  Then I sewed in tapered panels cut from purple fabric I got from JoAnn's in the section labeled "performance knits".  This fabric feels pretty nice, I might go back and get more and make an entire shirt!  Anyway, I cut the panels tapered to try to get more of an A-line shirt.  I hemmed the purple fabric to match the grey and now I have a comfy shirt to wear to the game!

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weaverpat said...

Love the way you modified the shirt! Pretty quilt top too.