Nov 19, 2014

The Wardrobe Project 11/19/2014

I have been sewing and knitting pretty regularly.  I made a lovely floral print blouse from the same pattern as my white Lekala blouse, but didn't take any photos.  I made my first attempt at a bra for myself.  That one is in time out right now because of fit issues.  Most of my knitting lately is for Christmas gifts.  So nothing I can blog about there, either.

Yesterday I did some repairs on my kitty print pajama pants I made last year.  The drawstring waist was just not working in the knit, so I cut off that waist and put in a casing and 2 rows of 2/8 inch elastic instead.

Today I made a really bright pink tshirt to wear as the top with those kitty pajama pants:

The pink is a cotton double knit, and it seems like it got ruffly every time I did any topstitching.  I had similar issues with my grey double knit skirt. I had not stay stitched the neckline, but I wonder if that would have been enough or if I should have used stay tape or something.

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