Mar 19, 2015

Taming the Fabric Heap

I have mentioned before that my sewing "studio" is actually a corner of our bedroom.  You can imagine how much of a disruption my return to apparel sewing with gusto has been on our space.  I recently answered the siren song of a huge sale at Fashion Fabrics Club by purchasing a huge box of fabrics- I got fabric for 3 pairs of pants, a dress, 2 tops, a dress, a raincoat and at least 4 little dresses for Little Dresses for Africa.  I spent under a hundred bucks, but with that box arrived some guilt about the state of our bedroom.  So I decided a little organization was in order.

I ordered a pack of Ziplock Space Bags from Amazon.  I have my quilting fabrics in bankers boxes, but that system is not working so great for me, plus I periodically find my sewing room help sleeping in the fabrics!

(This photo is of the girls helping with pattern assembly but you get my drift!)

I numbered my bags and took photos of the fabrics as they went in.  I made albums on my flickr account for each bag.

I was amazed by how much those bags flattened when I sucked the air out!  It was also nice to see the fabrics I have on hand and now I can dream up what to so with them instead of shopping for more!

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weaverpat said...

Good for you, Maggie!

I dream of organization, but it hasn't happened yet.
Love that you have kitty helpers. They are the best kind.