May 6, 2015

SWAP Photo Op

I have been sewing a good bit, especially with SWAP,  yet hardly any of it makes it here because I don’t take the photos.  I have major issues around getting any selfies!

First, I have bitchy resting face big time. My dad was an avid amateur photographer, he even had a darkroom at some point in the laundry room.  I am sure he gave it up because his inability to get a decent smile out of me for photos made him think he was not good.   Sorry dad, I was not being a brat. I have bitchy resting face! (I think it is hereditary.)

Second, I’ll just put this out there.  I am fat. Wow I said it. Not fat like those sewists that say “oh I am in the zone between misses and plus patterns.” Fat like “oh, I often have to grade up plus patterns to fit me.” I also have to add about 6 inches in length to most things.   The internet is not a safe place to put one’s fat lady selfies.  You get used as before photos.  People comment on the position of your boobs. (Since I sew, I know precisely where mine are thank you, you don’t need to point them out to me. I also know they are uneven, the result of a hack job gall bladder removal that acted like a one sided mini tummy tuck.)  Just try to remember, fat people are real people with very real feelings.

Third, my house is tiny and cluttered.  We are a family of big people in a little townhouse, so really there is not room to get a full view camera angle and not get too much evidence of life around here.  So I pretty much always take my photos in my tiny back yard, where you can see my aging fence, and my electric meter and sometimes a 5 gallon orange bucket from Home Depot.

I needed to get my SWAP photos taken, so I bit the bullet and got to work starting yesterday.  Yesterday, when it was 80+ degrees out.  Suddenly my “cozy” SWAP was causing flop sweats. I would style my hair, and then after a few photos I would have to pull it back in a rubber band to keep if from sticking to my face.  I would iron everything, but my body would steam wrinkles back into them before I could get the photos! I will never again think “ugh why didn’t she iron that?”  I know that there is a chance she did.   I took about half the photos, figuring I would finish this morning. My hair drooped and ended up pulled back before I finished the ironing.   It was not any cooler this morning, plus there were all these giant fuzzy pollen balloons floating around!

But woohoo! SWAP is done and photographed!  I know I might not get even one vote in the competition- there are some amazing collections posted already, and mine is pretty basic by comparison, but I am thrilled to have worked out some patterns that I can wear and made 11 new pieces for my wardrobe.


Becky said...

Well done! Congratulations on finishing an attractive well fitting wardrobe.

weaverpat said...

Oh Maggie! I know it's o funny, but I had to laugh at the reasons you don't photograph yourself. Are we twin sisters??? Well, I'm a little shorter...
So that's what it's called- Bitchy Resting Face! I know I have it, just didn't know what it's called. And upping plus-sized patterns, been there and not liked doing it. Messy house? Oh yeah!

All that out of the way, I love your wardrobe. I wish I could put together something that nice looking and well fitting.
Great job!!! You'd get my votes if I had a say in it.

Oh yeah, and I'm FAT! I can say it out loud! Also had that gallbladder thing too.

me said...

Your swap looks great. I admire your truthfulness. But your clothes fit and you look good in them. And that is really what swap is about
Marciae39 from SG

Susan at said...

You are my hero! Thanks for being awesome and NICE WORK!

Terri K said...

Congratulations on your sophisticated and well fitting wardrobe Maggie! I admire all you've accomplished and you are a very cool lady with a great sense of humor.