Jan 15, 2016

A Tale of 2 Sweaters

It's no secret that I am far from a monogamous knitter.  I love to flit from project to project as the mood strikes.  I have no guilt about this.

I have two fairly recent project starts on the go now, both of them sweaters.  The first is a plain white cotton cardigan with lace fronts -Charlie's Cardigan by Amy Herzog.  This is intended to go with a capsule wardrobe I am working on and will look great over my planned Easter dress.

The second is a project of a bit more epic proportions- a stranded colorwork sweater, Hedgerow by Ann Kingstone.  I am making this in colors that I hope are like the ones in the pattern photo.  This is a bit of a crazy mix, and as such will be worn with plain tops underneath.  At the moment the colors are making me question myself, but I think as I add more, it will make more sense.

This pattern is found in a book called Stranded by Ann Kingstone, and I highly recommend it.  The patterns in it are all lovely, but she also includes some fabulous tips for techniques that I have found quite helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the nice, clean layout of your blog!

The white cardigan looks lovely and will definitely go with everything. The second sweater though is going to be one of those pieces you'll pull out to feel special - a beautiful project! I think the colours will be harmonious, as you say, once you've gone a little bit further. Good for you!

I am also a flitter as a knitter and it is making me a little bit crazy. In the last five years I have probably started five times as many sweaters as I have actually completed, because I get distracted and then never get back to the original piece. Knitting is tough in that way because it is so time-consuming!