Mar 13, 2016


When I was growing up, my mom made all my clothes.  I remember thinking 'next thing you know she will be making my undies' , like that would be the last straw.  She never did.  But now I do!  Back in the day when a perfectly acceptable 3 pack of panties could be had for a song in any big box store, I never would have thought of making them.  But nowadays, I have to buy online, and although they are expensive, they are not high quality.

So I traced a pair of decent fitting ready to wear, and my undies sewing adventures began.  There have been a number of prototypes made to work out how long the elastics should be cut, and trying different fabrics.  I saw a number of people online talk about using old tshirts as fabric, but I found that the fabric from the old tshirts in my house did not have very good recovery, so the garments stretched out and did not snap back!  I have had success with new yardage of cotton jersey.

Then I saw a number of people online talking about sewing their own bras! Finding affordable bras has always been an issue, plus straps were never really long enough.  So I signed up for Beverly Johnson's bra making class on Craftsy.  Amazing! First of all, she is a great teacher.  I just made my fourth edition, and I still play the class over and sew along with her.  Oh the fit!  Even with underwires they are the most comfortable bras I have worn.

I made my first 3 bras from kits I bought from Beverly's store, Bra Maker's Supply.  The kits are very nice, although because I am large sized and need longer straps, I have a hard time getting a bra from the duoplex supplied with the kit (that is the fabric for the cups and frame.)  I end up piecing the straps every time.  Because of this, I have covered straps with lace, as shown above.  The last bra I made was from a kit I bought from Bravobella.  The kit was pretty, but I feel like the tricot they supply for the cups and frame is not firm enough.  I used it doubled or lined it with some cup lining I bought separately.  I feel like it is still too drapey.  I made a bra that looks pretty and functions ok, but it somehow feels too delicate, and the straps bunch up and dig into my shoulders.

I will not be posting photos of my finished granny panties.  I might photograph finished bras if I can figure out a stand in model for me.  I have no dress form, so I will have to get imaginative!


weaverpat said...

Way to go, Maggie!
I've always wanted to make my own underwear. And yes, the kind I buy online is expensive and not all that durable.
I was very tempted by the Craftsy bra class. Now that you have put your endorsement on it, I will be taking the class.
Thanks so much for posting!

AuntValley said...

I'm impressed!

Fabrickated said...

I am impressed too. And I really like the story about your fear that your Mum would be making your underwear soon.

I would be nice to see more of the underwear even if it was just on a hanger. I would love to be able to branch out into underwear (one day)