Feb 20, 2007

Pile o' Purses!

Today I finally had the house to myself after being snowbound with the guys all last week. (Sorry guys, I do love ya!) So it was time to get out the sewing machine. I needed to make some purses from recycled blue jeans. So, I went rummaging through my pile of old jeans and then through my stash of possible linings. The fun part of jeans purses is the difficulty in predicting the size and shape of the final product. Especially with the differences in rise with jeans these days, it is easy to wind up with a purse that is more long and skinny, vs one that is more square. Also the differences of men's vs women's jeans- those women's jeans have a lot more room for junk in the trunk, which makes for more adjustments in trying to sew the front to the back of the purse!
Tomorrow: Pile o purses part 2!

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