Mar 20, 2007

New Favorite Sewing Tool!

Yes, it is as simple as it looks! I make a lot of purses from old blue jeans, and I sew all of the linings in by hand. In the past I have literally gotten blisters on my fingers trying to sew the linings into these purses! Then a few weeks ago I was shopping the needle aisle in Joann's fabric and there were these things there called Needle Pullers. At $2+ they were a bit of a ripoff, because they are essentially little scraps of rubber like those things you open jars with, but I was a truly desperate woman.

These things are nothing short of miraculous! I sewed linings into about 3 purses in one day, and my hands were fine! Without the needle pullers, I got blisters partway through the first purse, because of how tight my grip had to be on the needle and how hard it is to pull them through the fabric. I love these things!!!

I will keep you posted on any future finds of great tools.

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