May 20, 2007

Copper Fun

I bought a bunch of copper wire and I am having so much fun fashioning some jewelry from it. Here is a bangle I just made last week:

It is made entirely from different sizes of copper wire, with lampwork glass beads and two different sizes of copper beads! This is based on a tutorial by Connie Fox.

Last month I was working on s-link bracelets:

I coil some wire to cut to make rings.

I cut the rings and file the edges. I also form by hand some s-shaped links.

The s-links need to be hammered flat.

The fully assembled bracelet!


Rain's End said...

Your copper bracelet is so beautiful.

Yesterday I was tagged in blog-tag and so now I am going to tag you (please forgive me). According to the person who tagged me you write 7 little known things about yourself.

Good luck!


made in lowell said...

This is great! Thanks for showing the step by step, love that :)


The Shell Sellers said...

Love the pics, Maggie! Your copper stuff is soooo cool! :D