Sep 15, 2007

Fun with Felting

I have these grand plans that I am going to make amulet pouch necklaces, and I decided I would bead and embroider on a felt background. So I got out this great box of goodies that I bought as an assortment from . I got it months ago, having ordered it right after I got my Embellisher. The customer service was great- she showed great patience with me, especially considering I had no idea what I wanted!

So then I took one bundle of wool roving in assorted tones of blue, and just started felting layer upon layer with a water soluble embroidery stabilizer as the base. At one point I seemed to have overdone it a little, and ended up with a hole, but then I cut a few pieces off and rearranged and felted them onto the base, which seemed to fix the problem and add a little more visual interest.

Watch this space to see what I do with my piece of felt!

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