Dec 5, 2007

Wow, Time Flies!

I have been working hard since my last post, but unfortunately not posting my progress. I have a lot to catch up on, but I am going to start by talking about today.

For some time I have wanted to make my own earwires for a different look on some of my earrings. I was waiting until I got a tumbler, so I would not have to individually harden each wire. Well, my mom got me a tumbler for Christmas, and told me to order it and just start using it. SO, today I made some earwires!

I used two different methods of shaping them:

First, I wrapped a length of wire around a large (size 17) knitting needle. (Thanks to Sheila for giving me one!)

THen I cut the individual loops apart. I filed the wire on both end of the rings.

Next, I put a loop on one end to hold the beaded dangles and flattened out the other end to go in the ear.
I also used this lovely jig that I bought from glittercritter on I have a fancier jig, but I like the fact that this one is set up to make these simple earwires all the time, and I don't have to remember which peg I used.

Here are the wires I made with this jig:

All of these wires are tumbling right now! I can't wait to get them out after dinner. I will make myself some new earrings so that I can test out both styles.

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