Sep 20, 2008

Follow up: Outdoor Photo Success!

Well, a vast improvement anyway! I started the day with my exposure set on zero. I thought the pregame photos turned out pretty well. I was in the shade, the players in the sun:

Then I tried the same shot at -1 exposure:

Then the game started and I took some action shots. At this point I had gone back to the zero exposure setting:

I especially liked this one, where the tackled player is laying in the cloud of dust! (he was fine, no worries): Not sure if my kid (#77) was in on it or just walked up to look at him later. One insight I had today is that it is impossible for me to watch the game and take pictures at once, and also that I tend to get shots just before or just after the big events happen. As a result I only took about 10 pictures and then got back to watching the game (plus I was water mom so I had to fill the bottles throughout the game.)

Towards the end I tried a few more shots with the exposure at -1 again:

Those were even a little better, and I want to try going all the way to -2 for the bright sunlight pictures on my next attempt. Also I would like to go back to trying out the sports action photo setting, which takes three pictures in succession, then I might get the right moments!
Overall, I am still not likely to be voted team photographer, but I am going to be able to get some photos that my son can look back at and remember his football days, which was all I wanted.

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