Sep 19, 2008

I Need Photo Help!

OK, I like to think that I have nearly mastered the whole product photography thing. (Just humor me here!) My major issue now is trying to get photos of people- mainly my family. In any kind of bright light, the color white gets oversaturated bigtime. Here are some examples:

Here is a photo I took of my son at football:

See how bright the white is? It gets worse when they put on their white helmets, it is like they have auras or something! See how the little kids behind him are little white blurry blobs? Sometimes everybody looks like that!

When the sun went behind clouds it got a little better:

Unfortunately, with games mostly at 2pm, the odds of catching this perfect lighting are slim. I have had this problem repeatedly and it is making me nuts! Today I was trying to use the sports photo setting on my camera, which is a Nikon Coolpix L3.

This is a picture from last season taken with the normal settings, no flash, all the adjustments set on auto:

Does anyone have any advice for how to fix this problem?


mdk jewelry designs said...

check your etsy thread. i posted my suggestion. i think it will help. when it is really sunny, try my suggestion.

hope it helps
take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Maggie said...

Thanks! For those not on my etsy thread, the suggestion was to set the exposure =/- towards -2. This might be a huge part of my problem, because I had it set on +1 for product shots.