Sep 24, 2008

Getting Ready for the Fall Festival

This Sunday I will be at the Fall Festival in Old Town Bowie. If you are in the area, stop in and enjoy the fun. You can find me on the front porch of The Shops at Fabian House.

As usual, I am scurrying to try to get my stock together to take over there. I set up really a very small display, so I don't know why I stress so. I only use a card table, because there is a lot going on up there on that porch, plus I leave myself a little room on the table to work on some stuff while I am there.

I have been working on all different things, in an attempt to maybe have some variety finished. The other night I glued buttons onto bobby pin bases. Some of these are buttons I covered myself with fabric scraps, some are vintage buttons

I was also sewing some bags- I do not have a lot of room to display bags, but I need to take some to stock the shop inside. I have 6 jeans purses all cut and in various stages of completion. I sewed the lining into one bag while I watched Project Runway tonight- it felt like a sewalong! I have to be careful making those jeans purses, as I have been known to make my hands really sore sewing in the linings. I would love to also make a few colorful quilted totes to take up there, but we will have to see how much I get done.

I need to card and price my items for display. Since I mostly sell online, I can just drop earrings in a baggie and card them when they sell, but for a festival I need them all pretty and priced. I stamped my business name onto a new batch of cards tonight, I want to get a lot of this work done and not be up half the night on Saturday getting stuff ready.

Wish me luck! I don't count on selling much with the way this week has been economically for our country, but it will be nice to get out there and meet some people and hopefully we will have enjoyable weather.


RagsNehali said...

All the best for the show Maggie..those bobby pins are cute!

Eunice Beshears said...

I love the bobby pins!

Maggie said...

Thanks, I guess I need to take a better picture of those and get them listed somewhere!