Oct 6, 2008

Book Review!

Fabric Art Journals: Making, Sewing, and Embellishing Journals from Cloth and Fibers (Quarry Book)

I decided that from time to time I would include product reviews when I find items that I love and want to recommend. I suppose I should also warn you off of anything that makes me say "eh".

A while ago, I ordered the book pictured above, called Fabric Art Journals by Pam Sussman. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this book! It is not so much a book like some craft books, where you make those particular projects. The author explains a ton of different techniques, and shows some samples. I felt so inspired! I really want to do some fabric art pieces, even if they don't end up being a whole book. She talks at length about image transfer, embellishments, applique, embroidery, sewing the book bindings- a treasure trove of techniques too long to mention.

I have to confess, I felt so fired up about fabric art after reading this book, I made my quilting friend Karen borrow it. THis is the first time ever I have FORCED someone to borrow one of my books. She was in the process of making some art quilts for her home, and the book helped her think about using her materials in some less traditional ways.

If you are into fiber arts, I highly recommend you check out his book!

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