Oct 10, 2008

Ugh, The Stress is Really Getting to Me

I feel like I become increasingly stressed out with each passing moment. I can't stand all the political arguing that goes on in election years- it is getting to the point where I hear "blah blah blah" and I am desperate to just have them tell me what they believe in and what the policies would be, but all they can talk about is the bad things about the other person.

Each day the economic news gets more and more grim. My family seems to be doing alright, but there is just such a sense of impending doom and you never know how much worse it could get.

I think all this national stress is making me stress about everything in my own life as well. Family decisions leave me feeling paralyzed trying to decide what options are best. I feel like I drive my poor patient husband batty trying to weigh all the pros and cons-sometimes when I bring up another point, I feel him screaming inside "why are we still talking about this?" He has the great attitude that if you reach a point where you need to hurry up and wait, you should do just that, and I tend to still stew about it even if things are beyond my control.

All of this is effecting my creative and business activities. I have projects I need to get done, but this general sense of impending doom leaves me a little scared and not knowing where to begin. It's almost like I am afraid to touch the materials and somehow do something "wrong". OK, I so need to get over that and get moving!


Lucky Girl said...

I have the same problem. Try turning off the news and leaving it off. Sometimes it helps.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

I feel the same way--the stock market/economy crisis is scaring the bejeebus out of me, and the political smacktalk that's everywhere right now is really starting to wear down on me. I sometimes wish that election campaigns were shorter.