Oct 29, 2008

Trying to Find Balance

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately nearly to the point of paralysis. I looked over at my to do list that was stuck onto my laptop screen, and it was a huge list of items to make for my business- way more than I could ever accomplish in a day. The list also included none of the family maintenance tasks I do every day, and not one bit of mindless entertainment.

So I decided to toss out the list. (Well, not really, I need to keep it because I do need to eventually get to all the stuff on it!) I wrote a new list, which included more reasonable items:

Make tie bags. This is the one product item I am including, because it is a custom job with a waiting customer. All my other original list was for stocking my sites, and I really can't let myself stress over it so much any more.

Plan trip. A friend and I are going down to Roanoke to hear my son sing in a concert. She requested that we try to do part of the trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. She is brilliant, and I always get a new attitude when we are together. I picked up a map at AAA, and I am also trying to include a quilt shop or 2 in the agenda. My husband had some Hilton points so we have a reservation at a cool place in Roanoke for Saturday night.

Drink more water. I thought about it last night as I went to bed early because I was feeling crappy. I have not been getting anywhere near the water I need, and I have been eating stuff that is not so great for me as well. I decided to start with the water drinking, and fix my food AFTER my trip!

See Fall leaves. (The Fall version of stop to smell the roses!) I saw some lovely leaves on my way out to AAA for my maps, but I really hope there are some left to see on the Parkway this weekend.

Window Shop. I will accomplish this on my trip as well, but I did wander in to a local bead shop near AAA that I never get to see because they are usually closed when I am in the neighborhood. It was inspiring to see someone putting their beads to good use, maybe I will try it someday soon!

Clean Kitchen. Goes without saying- it is not going to clean itself any time soon. I usually don't put it on the list, but maybe adding it will help me be more realistic and reward myself for a job well done.

Laundry. I need to get ahead because of my trip, and my husband has a business trip that he flies out for the day I return. Plus with a football player in the house, I can't leave it sitting!

Mindless tv. OK, maybe everything doesn't have to be constructive. Maybe sometimes I can sprawl on the couch and watch a good soap. I've lost track of how many marriages Erica Kane has had, but I am pretty sure I have caught a little bit of each one. (There was a tornado and a kidnapping this week in Pine Valley!)

Blog. I need to keep up with my blogs. When I start feeling down, I think all my ideas are trash so I stop blogging. I'm just gonna put it out there and you guys feel free to skip it if it's trash.

So that's my new list, trying to turn over a new Fall leaf and strike better balance in my life.

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