Dec 9, 2008

Decking the Halls

1208 decorating the tree
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Some years I bite off way more than I can chew as far as my Christmas plans go. I am trying to behave myself this year. My husband, who clearly knows me well after 26 Christmas' together, requested I not try to make stuff for gifts this year. I told him "I am only making one thing." His reply- "yeah and you will be sewing at midnight on Christmas Eve." He has a point, I think the only Christmas where I was not working on gifts the night before was the one where I had had a baby the week before. That was not a relaxing holiday- between the newborn and the gifts for the 5 year old (SOME assembly required, ha!) we were up all night. We refer to that as the Christmas of a thousand stickers. We had found the coveted Power Rangers for our eldest son, left them in the box until Christmas Eve and then discovered they required serious attention and about a hundred stickers each. Sorry, I digress, fast forward to this year, and that newborn is 14...

Sunday night the guys had assembled the tree and strung it with lights, so last night I joined them and while they watched football, I put ornaments on the tree. We have collected a multitude of ornaments over the years, and I love to try to remember the people who gave them to us or the places we bought them. Just in the one photo shown, there is the Ziggy ornament from a dear old friend (we were probably about 15 when she gave it to me) (and what the heck happened to Ziggy, haven't seen him around in years, he was everywhere in the 70s!), a cool polymer clay pointsettia I got from Blockpartypress last year, a little pink angel I painted in Brownies, and a boat I bought on a day trip with some friends to St. Michael's Maryland about 10 years ago.

I am going to try to take time to enjoy the season this year, and as Ziggy says have a "Happy Everything". I am also going to attempt to finish my one project before Christmas Eve as a surprise for my husband.

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