Dec 5, 2008


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Every once in a while, I kick my own butt in the form of an all out drop everything and make some earrings kind of day. Now that I make my own earwires, and other components that might need tumbling, this can be a multiday affair. I like to call it earring-o-rama, for no logical reason beyond that it makes me feel like it was a fun party or something.

Pictured are 22 pairs of earrings made in my latest earring-o-rama. I was aiming to restock a local shop, so i wanted a variety of styles, beads and colors. I took quick and often blurry pictures on a piece of cardstock on my desk. This served 2 purposes: I don't want items to sell that I have no photos to remember them by and it reminds me why I love my photo tent so much- photos on my desk stink!

I have 5 of these pairs left, and I will take better photos of them, and use them as some of the opening stock of my new store on Artfire. I am thinking to make that one a "New day, New earrings" sort of store. (I have asked my friend Tara to try to help me come up with a better tagline!)

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