Dec 22, 2008

I Opened a New Store!

I am not sure if I am insane or a super savvy businesswoman. I have been hearing the buzz about ArtFire, a new site for handmade items, and decided to try to get in early and establish a presence. They offer a free version, which includes 10 listings at a time- I opted instead for the $7 a month plan, where I can have unlimited listings, plus a number of other perks that will be great for branding.

I set up my store tonight and added my first item. I decided to make my ArtFire store The Earring Annex to Maggie's Handcraft Studio. I need to add the earring annex part to my normal store banner, but I did not want that to cause me to delay this move any further. I think in the new year, I might change around how I do my stores, and have certain things sold only on certain venues, but I have not figured all of that out for sure yet.

Here is a preview of my store on ArtFire:

I am not convinced that I love the look of the site, but I want to give it a chance. I plan to list at least one pair of earrings a day, hopefully more.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Good luck with the new site!!

pkay said...

Is it up yet? I went there and could not find you. Don you have a link yet?

Maggie said...

wow, can you tell that I am slightly distracted these days?? Thanks for asking about the link pkay-