Dec 14, 2008

Taking Time to Smell the Gingerbread

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Not so much gingerbread (yet, anyway, maybe next week!). But I am trying really hard to remember that the holidays are so much about family and not just about the to do list. To this end, I have been baking cookies, and taking time to watch Christmas movies with my son, and this week we will take time out for a birthday bash for the baby of the family and go pick up the older boy from college.

Last night we went out to a local park that has a great light display that you drive through. I am not sure how many years we have gone to this display, which is mostly the same every year, but I do still enjoy it quite a bit. Last year for whatever reason we ended up missing it, and I was sad when I realized it. So my husband braved the heavy traffic last night to make sure we got to go. There are certain traditions, like we always play Christmas music on the car radio, and in the part where the reindeer are jumping over the road, my husband taps the roof of the car to make it sound like reindeer droppings are hitting the car. This year we decided to try to take photos with our cell phone cameras. We all got a bit silly.

This is the stuff my family will remember, though. By January they won't care a bit whether or not I finished my to do list. But I have a feeling we will remember our goofy trip through the lights snapping photos on our cell phones.

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cherscrap23 said...

We luv looking at the light displays too...fond memories! I've given you a blog-award, congrats!