Jan 8, 2009

Fiber Art Explorations 2009 Part I

snow divas
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I started sometime last year wanting to explore the fiber artist within me, and to help achieve that I joined a yahoo group called Fiber Art Traders. (Yes, it is FAT for short!) This is a group of wonderful artists that share ideas, talents and then trade the resulting works of art.

One of the current trades is a challenge to make fiber art postcards with a wintry theme that are felted or incorporate felt. I pulled my Babylock Embellisher out of mothballs, dug through my fiber stash to find something resembling snow, and went to work. I started with a background of the leg of an old pair of jeans (the body of the jeans is already a purse!), and needle felted the fiber into it to be snow on the ground and then a snowperson. Then I added a scarf of eyelash yarn, and a red hat of a bali cotton batik print. The result was the snow divas pictured here!

I used embroidery to add the details, then mounted the fabric to a backing of pink cardstock (they are snow divas after all!).

I thoroughly enjoyed the felting process, and decided to leave that machine on my worktable for the week. I have a lot of colors of fibers I would like to experiment with. First, I need to figure out how to change the needles in my machine!

Also, I am excited to mention that I have a few pieces hanging in an exhibit- The Cyber Fyber Exhibition! To get your art into this exhibit, all you had to do was trade with the artist, so it's not like I am suddenly some great "ahteest" or anything, but I am still thrilled to think of my little works of art hanging in a gallery. My postcard is number 232, and my ATC is nnumber 157. I think the exhibit looks beautiful, and wish I could see it in person!


neps said...

u have a nice skill of crafting all the best for it.i would be happy if u would permit me to add ur name in my friends list.all the best for this fibre competition.

Lin said...

I LOVE this! Very cute, I'll bet it's better in person.

Rita T. said...

Love it! You are so talented.

Wendy said...

hello maggie =)

thanks for sharing your experience on the comment you left on my post! I appreciate it. see you around =)