Feb 9, 2009

It's Only 8 by 10 for Heaven's Sake!

The Fiber Art Traders group I am in on Yahoo has a challenge going to make collages to donate to Collage Mania 2009. Collage Mania is Fiber Art for a Cause, and they will be auctioning off donated collages in May to raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society. I was super excited to get started on my piece to donate.

Then, BAM, I hit the wall nearly as soon as I started! I am totally intimidated and have been avoiding my sewing table for days. Fiber Art Traders even had a tutorial to help give people a starting point for making the collages.

It makes no logical sense that I am stuck on this. The piece is a manageable sized project, and I could make a ton of them if I wanted and just send the best, even cutting up "failures" and making something else out of them. The material commitment is not so much that I would feel the sting if I even tossed some of them.

So what the heck is my problem? Is it that hard for me to think of myself as an artist? That sure seems to be the case, and it is really annoying to me! I feel like that little kid in art class again, who could never do the assignment quite "right". It is totally in my head though, and I need to get over it and just get to work!


Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens, for me I just ignore everything and then I go on a creative streak unit I burn out .

Proactive Pro said...

Hey, Maggie. I just want to let you know that I like your blog and love your artwork. Keep those posts and photos coming!