Feb 15, 2009

OH, How I Love Sharpies!

zen doodle 0215 back
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I recently joined the site called ATCsforall, which is for trading various art pieces- for example artist trading cards(2.5x3.5 inches), inchies (1 inch square)and various sizes of journal pages. Because all of my trades up until now have been through the Fiber Art Traders group on yahoo, I have only made fiber pieces. Now I want to branch out into other types.

My family has known for years of my long time love affair with Sharpie markers, so much so that I usually get at least one set for Christmas. I reignited this love this week while working on some doodle type cards to try to find the artist that I hope is buried somewhere within me. I love the look of these cards, and the feel of the markers as the ink hits the page. I might even be a little obsessive about them! Here are some things I have done with my trusty Sharpies this week:

That is just a bunch of doodles in my sketchbook, which I ended up cutting up to turn into other projects.
This is an ATC that I made by collaging some tissue paper with some cut up doodle.

This is a set of inchies from that original doodle, where I colored in the backgrounds with assorted Sharpies.

I had heard sometime back about an artist who was making a journal of sorts in a rolodex. Then on ATCsforall I noticed a lot of people making rolodex pages, so I decided to make some as well. I have done 2 rolodex pages of these Sharpie zen doodles. I am bidding on a rolodex on ebay right now, I hope I win it!


Ashley said...

oh my... i love sharpies as well. there is just something about them that makes them fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this use of Sharpie?


Maggie said...

oh yes, I love that whole room done in sharpie!

Anonymous said...

There's also a plain canvas couch that some woman let a bunch of kids decorate with Sharpie. Also very cool, but I couldn't find the link to send you.

Maggie said...

My aunt and uncle's house used to have a tile bathroom that they let us draw on with markers. I always thought that was so cool!

sunnie fairy said...

all those doodles look great!:]