Feb 22, 2009

I've Been Stimulating the Economy

I have a recent interest in collages and making ATCs to trade, so that sparked a bit of a buying spree for supplies.
On the left are some collage making supplies I got from Tidbits Trinkets, including some preprinted images for collage, joss paper, assorted metallic confetti and sequins and a fabric sampler of creamy colored fabric.

On the right are some really nice ATC sized blanks from assorted papers and some fancy paper one inch circles, from time2cr8. She was nice enough to label the papers for me so I can know which kinds I like best for buying more later. ( I also got one of her ACEOs- she does fabulous work!)

As a door prize from a flea market we held in my fiber art traders group, I won a piece of Lutradur from The Material Girls. I can't wait to experiment and see what I can do with it! Check out their site, as they have a large assortment of many kinds of fabrics. I am interested in the African, Asian and Australian fabrics.

I also won a door prize from Treenway silks, which was the package of silk ribbon shown here at the top. I bought the set of threads. I am still at the stage where I don't want to use these yet, I want to enjoy looking at them, and think about the perfect project for them. Treenway has a huge assortment of fibers, it was really hard for me to decide what to buy.

I will save the rest of my purchases for my next post. I have kept the postal service busy, that is for sure!



My favorite supply for ACEO's are playing cards. They are the exact size........Collage the front or back, or both!

Brett Ward said...

Hi Mary!
Hey if you need aceo sleeves, go to my supplies shop: http://suppliesonhand.etsy.com they are there and they are acid free.
Thanks for the entrecard drop!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so you will be busy! Isn't it fun to treat yourself to fun supplies from etsy:) I think I'm going down that road soon too...Also, I wanted to say thank you for your kind words on my blog last night. It's nice to know there's so much support out there when you know something just isn't right. Thanks again!

Lin said...

Oooh, I love hand-dyed yarn, threads, and silk ribbon. Those look fabulous. I'm jealous.