Mar 27, 2009

I am a Facebook Junkie

I avoided the whole social networking thing for as long as I could. I am shy in person and I guess I feared I would sit friendless in the corner in my online life as well. I finally signed up in order to keep an eye on what my kids were up to.

I admit, I was on my way to friendless in the corner-ness, but then things just sort of took off. I started out mostly being friends with my own kids, and my niece and my husband. Then as time went on, I added other moms from football, my brother, a brother-in-law, more nieces and nephews. Then the whole networking thing too off. Now I regularly catch myself saying "wow, what a small world!"

The sister of a girl I played with in grammar school found me and asked me to contact her sister. I noticed that my nephew joined a group for alumni of our elementary school, so I joined too. My BFF from 7-12 grade contacted me, and then through her I found some other old friends from the era. That was sort of funny- that is how we worked in real life too, she was friends with people, and that is how I met them.

I found a dear friend who moved away in 3rd grade, who I lost track of about when I got married. She had married someone with a very common name, so it was hard to find her. I ended up finding her based on the fact she is "friends" with her little sister, who has a very unique name.

I have connected with some of my old high school band buddies. It turns out one of them lives right here in my town, his daughter goes to school with my son and our moms live on the same block up in NJ!

One of my college roommates and I became "friends" this week. Ha, she should have at least had the decency to age in the 25 years since college!!

Anyway, now that all of these connections are renewed, I need to maintain them. Also, I have to avoid "lurking". These people have let me back in thier lives, if only virtually, but I can't sit back and read about their job losses, identity crises, accomplishments, and not even comment. Wow this being a social human being is hard work!

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