Mar 12, 2009

I Stimulated the Economy Part 2

The other week when I bought so many supplies, I promised you I would tell you about my other purchases. I got some fabulous fusible web called misty fuse. Misty fuse sticks very well but does not stiffen the fabric as much as other fusible products. I also got some button blanks for making covered buttons.

I got a set of watercolor pencils. I can't wait to try these out- you can color with them like normal colored pencils, then put a water wash over them to see the lovely watercolor effects. I saw someone using them on fabric in a FLICKR photo once, and I plan to try that out as well.

Then I also ordered some silver- lots of wire and some leverback earring hooks. I had previously mostly used leverbacks on request, but I think I will incorporate them into more designs in the first place now.

Also, I got a Portable Bobbin Winder, which I have not yet gotten a picture of , but I will try it out soon and take a photo. I can use it to wind bobbins for my old Singer machine and I was also reading a technique last week about using a bobbin winder to make twisted fiber cords, and I want to try that too.


Shu Fen said...

wow the watercolor pencils are cool! i want them too! but i don't think they sell them in singapore :(

Maggie said...

Maybe you could find them online somewhere? they are fun, and I stink at drawing, but they make my simple drawings look much better!

Joy said...

Hee! My knitting group jokes that we will single-handedly revive the economy, the way we buy yarn.