Apr 4, 2009

Quilt Show Inspirations

Today my friend Karen and I went to a quilt show in Lancaster, PA. It was fabulous- so many inspiring works. The above photo is the wall of colorful quilts that greeted us as we entered the exhibit.

I loved this quilt because the sheep can remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. Don't get me wrong, it was a fabulous quilt, with a ton of work. It was also a picture of a grinning sheep wearing red sneakers.

There were a lot of quilts, like the one here on the right, that pictured trees, mostly closeups of branches, rather than the entire tree, and often not a realistic representation, but more a suggestion of trees.

This quilt had fabulous quilting, couched fibers with beads, and some cool transfers and photos of leaves. We are going tomorrow to see some cherry blossoms, and hope to take some photos that maybe we can use in a quilt. Below is a detail which I hope shows you the quilting and couching.

This quilt was unbelievable: each little flower is a separate piece. Often for groups of little flowers, people find a fabric with pictures of the flowers, and sew that onto the quilt, but on this one the person cut each flower individually!

Well these are just a few examples of some of the wonderfully inspiring pieces that we saw today. They made me want to run home and sew.


Audrey said...

I love quilt shows!! The local quilting group puts on a 3 days show every summer during our local festival. Never miss it.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - those are incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

Lin said...

I am a quilter--I do hand applique and hand quilting. What these women do is amazing and you really appreciate it when you quilt too. Glad you enjoyed it! Loved the photos!!!

Deronda designs... said...

Oh my, sensory overload. Gorgeous!

storybeader said...

gosh, those are some beautiful quilts. You have a great blog!

orient-lodge.com said...

I went to a great quilt show a few weeks ago as part of a maple festival in Connecticut. I've posted a bunch of pictures from the show in a set on Flickr:

2009 Maple Festival Quilts.

Stop by and have a look.

Stormee said...

I am inspired! Very nice. I love the textures too.