Apr 14, 2009

Texture Collection

When we were at the quilt show a few weeks back, we saw this fabulous set of floral quilts. The flowers were realistic applique, and very wonderful, but what struck me the most was the backgrounds. They were very interesting, but I would have never known what they were if it was not explained. The artist had been inspired by a photo of a glass block and what was reflected in it. Even seeing the photo, I could not tell what was reflected, but it made a cool pattern that was the perfect setting for her flower. Because her background had its own interest, she could just applique one simple flower and the work was complete.

I decided that I would take more photos, and of things that I might not think of as necessarily photogenic, in order to have some photos of my own to try to look at in this different way. I had some photos of cherry trees I took the day after the show that were a good start. Today I went out in my back yard and took some more, and the resulting FLICKR set is in the slideshow shown above.

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storybeader said...

love the stone garden! And little greens between the brick walkway!