Jul 23, 2009

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granny square 001
Originally uploaded by magscrafts
So now that my crafting is my business, what is there to do to "relax"? I decided the other day to crochet myself an afghan. I remember from my childhood that my grandfather's house had a granny square afghan, that was black and a million other colors. I decided that is what I would do too. I bought some cotton yarn, and here is the first square- I plan to join the square using black yarn and some crochet stitches.

I made an afghan for my first son before he was born, and those were the last granny squares I made. He is 19 now!


storybeader said...

cute square - love to see it when you finish!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Look beautiful! I just started crocheting and I'm working on my first baby blanket with granny squares :D

randomcreative said...

I tried to approve your Entrecard ad, but for some reason it failed! Please try again sometime. I didn't want you to think that I rejected it on purpose and would still love to have you advertise on my blog. :) ~Rose