Dec 5, 2009

Snow Day

Today we are having the first snow of the season! It looks lovely. My planned outing for the day was postponed, hopefully to happen tomorrow. The teenager and I bought groceries (and the required pre-snow bread, milk and toilet paper!) on the way home yesterday. So we are chilling out today in sweats, drinking hot beverages and decorating for the holidays. My Itunes is playing some holiday songs (I love you Jose Feliciano, but I like that I do not have to hear your Feliz Navidad hourly when I choose the tunes.)

The tree is assembled. I have allergies to real trees, so we have a fake one. Along with my husband and I, it is celebrating its 26th Christmas. The lights are in progress. I am going to cheat and make some slice and bake cookies to munch while we hang the ornaments.

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